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You can't be truly user-centric without behavioural science


We have 3 principal activities :

new digital products/experiences

existing digital products/experiences

Product Management
to accelerate your deployments

We’re obsessive about being evidence-based and compulsively challenge the status quo.

This is why we rely on behavioural science to bring products/experiences to market which are consistent with actual human behaviour.

You will never find us proposing UX, features, or product ideas simply because <insert cliché market leader> is doing it.

If you want to stop the guesswork and crave an empirical foundation to make solid product/UX decisions, we’re here for you!

Here's a behavioural insight!

Did you know that Google once tested over 50 shades of blue for the hyperlinks we see everyday? Talk about being colour-conscious!

Behavioural science played a big role in this decision, as the right hue can impact user engagement and click-through rates.

Imagine you are presented with two options in a game of chance, which one would you choose?


You have a 50% chance to win 1000$, 50% chance to win nothing


450$ for sure

You’re at the store buying accessories for your new electric vehicle. The store offers you a stamp loyalty card, which one do you prefer?


An eight stamp loyalty card with no head start


A ten stamp loyalty card with 2 free stamps

You are staying at a hotel that wants to promote saving water through the reuse of towels. Which of these messages will have the most impact? : 


“Let’s save the planet together. Reusing your towel twice can save up to 25L of water".


“Help us save money. Reusing your towel helps reduce operational costs”.


“Be part of the change. 8/10 guests who stayed in this room reused their towel. ”

You decided to buy an electric scooter online, but you are still quite new to the business. Which do you think is the most convincing product ad?

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